Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gaelach's Pillows

Energetic Herb Pillows

Hellooooo, gorgeous! I am so, so honored to have been invited to guest post on this blog. Natalie is such a gem, don’t you think? I certainly do.

Anyway! Let’s talk herbs. Have you ever noticed how many things a single herb corresponds to? Take Mint for example: it’s used for protection, prosperity, healing, good luck, justice, travel and exorcism. And that’s just in magickal work, not counting aromatherapy or medicinal properties!

I resisted bringing herbs into my spiritual practice for a long time, always afraid of making a mess or prompting questions I wasn’t comfortable answering. Over the last year or so, however, herbs have become a staple of my practice. Most of my current energy workings and spells require plants in some fashion.

My favorite thing to do with herbs is create! My obsession started with making protection amulets for my friends. I would take little silk pouches I bought at the metaphysical store (they’re on this handy string, see?) and stuff them full of herbs and stones. For example, a protection pouch would contain: Borage, Horsetail, Cinnamon, Flax, Rowan, Elder Berries and smoky quartz.

Then I rediscovered my love of sewing. The monster was born from there.

My very first Energetic Herb Pillow was designed for prosperity. It’s bright green, embellished with two different Elder Futhark runes, and filled with Mint, Irish moss, Rosehips, Black Walnut leaf, Lavender, Chamomile, and green moss agate. At the moment, it’s sitting on my desk at my day job, blessing the whole office. So, I told myself, why not start selling these little things, huh? They bring in fantastic energies, they’re fun to make, and they can be designed for any purpose at all! I have to admit, it’s a blast laying on the floor and smelling herbs, trying to figure out which ones are best for certain purposes. I highly recommend it.

Since the prosperity one, I’ve made pillows for spiritual development, insomnia, love, healing, good communications, wisdom, self-confidence, safe travels and sweet dreams. Each pillow is completely unique, since I sew by hand and try to listen to my intuition about embellishment. As I mentioned above, these pillows can be made for anything!

But the best part? If you’re reading this blog, you can get a discount for ordering one! As my thanks to Natalie and her gorgeous readers (you!), all you have to do is enter “HerbsRock” into the discount box at check-out on the Musings of Magick site for $5.00 off ($30 normally). Yippee! I would so love to make you something special, beautiful. I’m just waiting for you to tell me!

Love, light and laughter,

I’m the creative high priestess at Musings of Magick, oracle card reader and reiki practitioner/intuitive healer. In addition to the Energetic Herb Pillows, I offer a monthly newsletter with channeled messages, Soul Healing Sessions (distance healing with a spin!), and $5 oracle card readings. I love you so much, gorgeous! Why not stop on by and see what I can do for you?

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