Composting Tips

        Composting is a good way to recycle too, no more bagging up all those leaves and filling up the land fills, and it's good for your plants, no poisons are in there to get into your food,and it's good exercise, always a plus and the best part its free!
1. Add grass clippings, but not just grass clippings.
2. No animal bi-products, no pet droppings, no meat or fats-you'll end up with vermin(rats,mice) instead of compost.
3. Newspapers, old homework sheets,old computer paper is great for your compost heap, if you shred them first it'll speed up the process.
4.Coffee grounds, worms love it! Egg shells are good too.
5. Fire place ashes are good for adding alkaline.
6. Pine needles, oak leaves add acidic.
7. Compost piles need microbes to break down everything so make sure you put    half green-grass clippings,food scraps,manure and half brown-dead leaves,hay,wood chips,newspapers.
8. Keep your compost bin in the sun light and insulate in the winter.
9. Keep it damp but not soaking.
10. Make sure you 'stir' the compost every two weeks to keep air in there and to keep the smell down.

     Awhile back I gave you a recipe for natural fertilizer you could also put some of that into your compost to help it break down and add extra oop to it.