Monday, January 2, 2012

Plants You Can't Kill

Hello everyone! Today I got you a list of plants that will make your home look like you have a green thumb, even if you don't. These plants are super easy to take of, so even if you neglect them they'll still survive.

1.Golden Pothos Vine (Epipremnum pinnatum Aureum)There's a reason you see these vines in every body's home, you can't hardly kill them. They will tolerate bad light,and little light. If you just show these plants a little love they will grow like mad!

                                       Golden Pothos Vine

2. Spider Plant- This plant will grow any where in any thing! It's not picky about water or light, though like all plants the more you give it the better it will be. Once it's established it send out plantlets, or off sets, which then you can start more plants with or give them away.
                                            Spider Plant

Snake Plant,mother in law tongue,draconian,liriope- all these plants are in the sane family. they like a lot of sunlight but will put up with less, don't over water and when the out grow their pots you can split them down the middle and get a second plant.
                                        Mother-in-law plant

4.Succulents and Cacti- The only things these plants need is bright light and well draining pots and soil. Never let the sit in water.

                                        Succulent and Cacti

5.Bromeliads, Oh the beautiful blooms on these! A sight to see. Don't count on getting them to bloom though, in order to bloom they need high heat,high humidity , and lots of water. Good for them not so good for us!

6. Lucky Bamboo- well lucky for us but not so much for it. This poor plants sits in more office desk than any other, with bad light, bad air, and little water, Yet it survives, surly that means it can in your home too!

Twisted Bamboo
   Well, kiddo's these are the easiest I could bring to you. Good luck to you and your plants. As always feel free to comment, ask a question, give me a suggestion. Be a real sweetie and join my site,or follow though email. Until we meet again...

P.S. On my 'A Good Mornings Starts' site I'm giving you all a awesome recipe for sour cream coffee cake. It is so good!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! I need house plants that can survive low light and off light, because I have really long eves that don't let light i, and I would love to have plants in the house.!


I love succulents but have trouble keeping them alive..except for aloe ivy is really doing good..if I can keep Dexter from sitting in the pots.