Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tip toe Through my Garden! Stay out of my Tulips!

        Hello fellow plant lovers! Did you all noticed the new flower pictures I put up on the side? Aren't they beautiful? You can almost smell them! As I mentioned before it's almost time to order your bulbs and seeds! The Dahlia's are so colorful and I love their big shape, Dwarf Iris's are so small you can put them in the front instead of the back! These are all from Dutch Garden's, all come with a money back guarantee and their so inexpensive you can get all of them or multiples of them and not break the bank! Easy to plant, easy to raise. and of course there's more than what I put up here. Click the picture and it will take you to their site.

      Have you started thinking about what you want to add to your garden this year? New flowers? Maybe some veggies but not sure how to go about planning or planting. Or you want to go organic but don't know how. There's some books on the left hand side that will answer all your questions and more! All are under twenty dollars(USD) so it's not a big investment.  And yes you can always ask me, but if your like me you want to read it for yourself and always have the book around when you need it.  I hope you found this useful sorry not one of my best, as always feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or question.

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since they fixed the yards I can't have my garden any will do some pot gardens..I'll do my usual herbs and try to do the japanese eggplant in my big pot..think I'll just do flowers in the rest..hard to do flowers in Texas when it gets to be over 100 for 70 days..sigh*