Saturday, March 10, 2012

Start an Organic Garden

      Hello friends, I truly organic gardening is the only way, don't we get enough chemicals just living? Why add more? Some think its harder to grow an organic garden not true, just a few extra steps in the beginning is all here is a simple step by step plan
         Starting Your Own Organic Garden!

 Simple Steps

   It is time to spend some time analyzing your yard. Where would be the best place to put a new garden?
   If it’s an herb or vegetable garden you’ve got in mind, you’ll need a site that gets at least six hours of sun per day.
    You’ll also need to make sure that the site drains well—if it’s like a swamp in the spring and summer, it won’t work for herbs and vegetables, which prefer well-drained soil.

   Once you have a site selected, observe it for a day or two. How many hours of sun does it get? Does it get bright morning sun, or hot afternoon sun? What’s the soil like? 
   Now that you have your perfect site selected, it’s time to start digging. The first step will be deciding on the size and shape of your new garden.
   This can be done by putting down a garden hose and adjusting it until you get the size and shape you want, which is a good option for beds with curved borders.   Or use a cheap can of spray paint to out line your garden, I've done both and frankly spray can works best for me.
    Good soil makes for a good garden. The easiest, best way to amend soil in a new bed is to add compost, and plenty of it. If you make your own, add all you can to your new bed*( Learn how to make compost up on top page) . You can also purchase compost in bulk and have it delivered to your home, or purchase it in bags at home and garden centers.
   Now for the fun part! Picking out plants at a garden center or starting your own*(check out my how to start seeds), which ever way you do it its the fun part for me.
  If your new to gardening here's a list of plants that are the easiest to start with:

Pea shoots
Dwarf French Beans
Dwarf French Beans

   After situating all of your plants, make sure that if you are outdoor gardening to give your entire garden a 3 inch thick layer of organic mulch to prevent weeds while simultaneously retaining soil moisture. Then a nice long drink of water and you done(at least for the day!)
   See? Not so hard and eating watch you grow yourself always taste better. Happy gardening!

    Don't forget to mulch! Three inches of organic is best! Until we meet again!

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FoxyMoron said...

We've always gardened organically, that is with no chemicals. It really is the only way.


i'll be fixing to get stared on my pot garden soon..hope we're past the freeze stage.