Monday, March 5, 2012

Wild Flowers, I love them!

              Hello friends, I love wild flowers and here in Indiana we have a lot of beautiful ones. I have been know to dig them up and plant them in my garden after all wild flowers are just flowers that grow any where but in your beds! Though be careful it's illegal to dig them up in some states and I have only done it on private property with permission. One of my flower beds is  for wild flowers only, once you get them going they don't require any care, except water, though I do add extra seeds when I get some that I don't already have.

      Here are a few of my favorite one's.





        Gloroisa Daisies are a strain of black-eyed Susan that was developed in the United States, and is now grown world-wide.
      The center of the is brown and surrounded by petals in shades of yellow, gold and mahogany. The six-inch blossoms available in double or single forms.
     Plants are erect and thick stemmed, and grow two to three feet tall. Gloriosa daisies are actually biennials or short-lived perennials, but are often grown as annuals because they bloom the first year.

      Anemone are perennials that have basal leaves with long leaf-stems that can be upright or prostrate. Leaves are simple or compound with lobed, parted, or undivided leaf blades. The leaf margins are toothed or entire.
       Common chicory is also known as blue sailors, succor, and coffee weed and cornflower. When flowering, chicory has a tough, grooved, and more or less hairy stem, it's ten to forty inches tall.
       The flower's are usually bright blue, rarely white or pink. It flowers from July until October.

    Wild Phlox this beautiful species is most common in Midwestern woods and fields. It is sometimes known as Wild Sweet William, a name also given to. The mature plants in the eastern part of the range have notched petals; those in the western do not

     I would love to have a whole field of wild flowers, wouldn't you? Until we meet again.....



every year I forget to plant blue bonnets..every damn year..I swear I'll do it this year.

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