Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gerber Daisy's

      Hello friends, sorry that I lied and didn't get to do part two here yesterday, but spent the whole evening in the ER with Brock (you can read about it on Bridget's Daughter)
   I fell in lover with Gerber Daisy's when I was given one after my oldest was born. Most people us them as house plants, but I love growing them in my garden too, so here are some easy steps to take if you want to grow them yourself.
    Planting & Caring for Gerber Daisy Plants
    It’s simple to pick up a pack or two of Gerber Daisy plant seeds to sow at home. They add variety and pops of color to your home’s flower/vegetable garden outside and pretty floral accents inside.
    Remember: plant Gerbera seeds in SPRING after any frost has passed.Areas with full to partial sun are best for growing  
      Carefully choose four to six seeds from the packet  Use a spade to set them two-and-a-half inches deep and at least a foot apart in healthy enriched soil. 
     Water immediately; water seeds daily to keep soil moist around your daisies – but don’t water so much that soil becomes muddy.Fertilize every two weeks with all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer.
    Water regularly to make sure the soil stays evenly moist while they bloom. After blooming for the season, allow them to dry out slightly. I let them stay where they are all winter (like I do all annuls so they will self seed). 
     Remove dead blooms with garden shears to encourage the gerberas to keep blooming for as long as possible.

     I hope you enjoyed learning about Gerber Daisy's! Until we meet again......

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Wow, these are really pretty. Wish my garden had pretty flowers like these :)
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