Monday, May 14, 2012

Lambs Ear's

    Hello friends, so yesterday I was at my mommy's and we all were digging up plants from her flower beds (my mother has a super green thumb and her plants were spreading like mad so we got to dig some up and take them home). 
   OK honest I just sat there while my kids dug them up for me-what it was mother's day! 
   Any way one of the plant's I wanted was Lamb's Ears, now I had them before at my old house but never had put any in this one. My kids loved "petting" them.
    I don't know if you've ever seen or felt these plants before but they are really sweet to have, yes they feel like a lambs ear and are more ground cover than a regular plant though they aren't classified as ground cover. Here's all the information.
     Requires a well-drained soil; doesn't require fertile soil. Plant in (ideal) full sun to partial afternoon shade (especially in hot and humid areas). If planted in too much shade, plants may have trouble with foliage problems. 
    Avoid getting water on the leaves, especially in the afternoon, since that may cause rot problems.   Because lamb's ear is not valued for its flowers(though I like the flowers), you may want to deadhead or remove flowers so that the foliage can be seen. 
    Prune out brown leaves or sections as needed, and new growth will fill in. Primarily propagated through division or seed. No serious problems with pests or diseases, but might have foliage disease when exposed to hot and humid conditions.
    You can put them in the front of your flower beds since they don't grow overly tall or put them in a place where you have trouble growing anything else(remember they will spread!). I've even seen them grown in pots, these plants are so easy going they don't care where you put them!

   These are really worth giving up some space for and are great for covering up ugly spots! Until we meet again....

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such lovely lovely plants and flowers.