Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to make your own Fertilizer

           I have a great organic fertilizer, it's great on veggies ,lawns, and flowers alike. You can buy all the ingredients at your local hardware store. I would try to buy in bulk, as long as you keep it dry it'll last a long time.

          These measurements are in terms of volume, not weight.

      4 parts seed meal(rape/canola, cottonseed,or alfalfa)

      1 part dolomite lime

   1/2 part bone meal

  1/2 part kelp meal

      Seed meal- this component provides nitrogen, with smaller amounts of phosphorus and potassium
in spring add some blood meal to the mix it's fast acting.
       Lime-seed meals are acidic so lime is included to balance that out, if your soil is alkaline, you might want to leave this out or use less.
       Bone meal-makes up the bulk of the phosphorus
       Kelp meal- contributes potassium, and many micro nutrients.

        You need to experiment on how much your vegetable garden, flowers and lawn need since everyone's is different.


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