Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Herbs to Grow Inside

            Its easy to have fresh herbs all winter long if you grow them in your window ledge, the ones I like to grow are pretty easy with only a few that have to have bright light the others grow in regular light. Fresh herbs taste better than dried ones, I may not like to cook but when I do cook, but when I do I want the best taste for all the hard work I do!

   Basil, basil enhances the taste of any dish that has tomato's in it, start basil from seeds their easy to grow, they do however like a lot of sunshine and warmth.

    Bay, bay leaves are good in stews and meat dishes, Bay plants aren't that picky about light but they do like a lot of air circulation and don't let become crowded they'll get a fungus.

   Chervil, this is another one thats not picky about light and is easy to start from seeds.

   Chives, I learned my lesson about not planting this plant in my garden, it spreads really but it does have pretty purple flowers, so I keep this plant in a bigger container and take it outside in summer, chives taste like a very mild onion.

    Oregano, you can't make Italian food with out this! The easiest way to start this plant is with a cutting from your outside plant, your friends plant or buy one.
    Parsley, is good in potato dishes and a lot of other kinds and if you chew it, it freshens your breath. Start as seeds, and this plant isn't picky about light.

    Rosemary, This plant is hard to start from seeds and even cuttings, it's best to just buy a young plant.

   Sage, is another one thats kind of hard to start from seeds, a little less hard from cuttings but I would probably just buy one if your new at this, and sage likes a lot of sun.

    Tarragon, needs a dormant period, so leave it outside til the leaves start to fall off bring it inside and keep in your coolest spot for a few days and then put it in the sunshine.

     Thyme, this is another one you want to either start with a cutting or a new plant, its not picky about any kind of light.

           There are lots and lots of other ones you can bring inside but these are my favorite ones. Feel free to let me know what herbs you like and how you take care of them. Or if you have any questions or would like to talk about your favorite plants leave a comment or email me. Until next time.......




I always grew my herbs outside..but think I'm going to start them inside this spring...thanks for the info

Mary Golightly said...

I found you through Goddess Circle. You know me there as Trenda Marie. :-)

I've been thinking about growing herbs indoors, too. Not for cooking but for my lovely magickal workings.

Bright Blessings!