Friday, January 27, 2012

Maggie Needs Your Help!

        Friends, normally I would be writing about my garden or giving you some tips,but today I'm asking for your help. Not for me, never ever would I do that, and I already talked about this on B.D., and I normally wouldn't talk about the same subject on all my blogs.
         This isn't normal though, my friend Katie has a little girl named MAGGIE, she's 8. Maggie was born with I.T.P.- Chronic Low Platelet Count, so she's always had health issues. They have found a TUMOR on Maggie's bottom jaw bone, the tumor has ate away the whole bone and it is now more tumor than bone.
          What I'm asking from you,friends, is Prayers, Healing Light,or whatever you believe in. Please send it to little Maggie, I believe if we all do this for her we could have a MIRACLE!
             Due to her illness surgery is very dangerous for Maggie, they(the Doctors) haven't figured out what they can do for her yet. She goes back to the Doctors the middle of next week, if all of us could Pray, send Healing Light to her I honestly believe we could see a MIRACLE happen. If every day for the next week you could just spend a few moments in Prayer, Healing Lights for this little girl
I would be forever thankful to you.
         Maggie, is 8, she's got dark brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and a mischievous smile. Her life is very restrictive now, not able to play like a 'normal' 8 year old, and can only eat very soft foods. Please do this for her, I could not bear to look into her eyes knowing I didn't do all I could for her.
           If it feels right to you could you ask all your friends, blog followers, your church or circle to please pray, send healing light and love to this sweet little girl? Thank you from the bottom of my heart, with all of us doing this for her I honestly think something really awesome will come out of all of this. Again, thank you so much.


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candles lit..prayers sent..