Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gardening,its in the Container!

       Container gardening is so versatile, you can move your containers around to create different moods and if your flowers fade just change the plants to ones that are flowering or about to flower, its so easy to have a continuous flowering flower pots all season long. Now my one rule for myself is I like all my pots to match, not necessarily in size or shape but in color at least if their near each other. Thats just me and we know I'm a little strange.
       Do you know you can plant bulbs in containers? Yep if you live some where, where you can't have a garden plot they can be put in pots, or if you want some spring time in your home before it's spring time just put your bulbs in the freezer(well protected) and then take them out and plant them.
         Any plant that you would normally grow in your garden you can plant in pots, as long as the pot big enough. I've never done potato's but my brother has with great results. One way I've done this is with 5 gallon buckets (yes I spray painted them to look nicer). Tomato plants do well this way and put some packing peanuts on bottom to make it a little lighter. This way if you live where it's really hot you can move them into partial shade during the hottest part of the day, remember container plants need more watering than in ground plants do. Oh I also put my mint in containers than 'plant' the container in the garden to keep it from spreading and taking over everything, you can do this with any plant that likes to spread itself around.

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