Friday, January 20, 2012

Somethings gotta give, I'm sorry.

        When I started this blog I was so excited to share with you all I knew and hoped you would share with me what you knew too. I still am but whats happened is I feel pressured by the ad company's to write more about them and less how I would want to. That being said also I have a very crazy life, full time student, full time mom, wife, home school, and working on a new company that will help so many women and yes a few men. Something has to give, so what my plan is, is to add this to my main blog Bridget's Daughter, without the ads. Or just take the ads off here. Your feelings and thoughts on this are important to me so please let me know. Every one of my followers here and on my other two blogs are so very important to me and your idea's and thoughts have always been of great value to me so please let me know.

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I feel bad..I never pay any attention to the ads..actually didn't know they were there..I have so many blogs that I read..that I just go the blogs comment and move on..but I like them both..but could probably do them together with the ads.