Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Pretend it's Warm Outside!

       Yes I realize that some of you live over  sea's where it's nice and warm right now(I so hate you! Kidding, I like winter), here in Indiana it's its cold outside, today's temps reached a whole 19 degrees! And we're under weather advisory's I'm fine with that at least til Monday when I have to drive in it!
         Usually this time of year is when I start planing this summers crops and flowers, I like to add two or three new perennials every year and always more mums, chrysanthemums, and live forever's. I always buy them small and cheap and plant them in the spring, I have tried planting them big and in the fall but our weather isn't always predictable and it hurts me when plants die.
       In about ten days is when I will be starting all my seeds. I'm assuming you read the blog before this one, no mater what I end up doing I will still have this space either here or on Bridget's Daughter, so I will still give you all my tips and know how. I love this picture, doesn't it look like the perfect place to meditate, watch the bee's, and just relax?

      Some day I want my whole yard to have a picket fence around it, though my husband says he's allergic to them. Um hun yep to bad.
       Are you planing any new additions to your yard this year? Let me know!


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i bought my first seeds yesterday..some herbs and some flowers...can't wait..