Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy To Grow in Your Flowerbeds

       Hello friends, a friend of mine was asking me what were the easiest flowers to grow for someone who has never grown anything before. Wow, I felt so bad that I hadn't thought of this before! So I've made some simple list out. Now just because their easy to grow doesn't mean they aren't beautiful, wonderful plants! I still grow these in my beds, I love them!
Black-Eyed Susan's 
Day lilies 
Four O’Clock
Moon flowers 
Blanket Flower-very heat tolerant
Stone crop-they attract butterflies
Lamb's Ear
Lavender-Just be sure to plant in a mound or raised bed

        All of these plants are easy to grow and heat tolerant so even those of you who live in Texas and other hot states can grow these as easily as those who don't. 
        I'm also working on some easy plants for those of you who live in Australia and other places over the water. I will put them up tomorrow. I thought since it's winter time maybe all of you would enjoy seeing some pictures of beautiful flowers.

         I hope this helped you, or at least you enjoyed reading about the flowers and liked the pictures. Until we meet again.......


      YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

      you missed my favorite ..nasturchians.spelled wrong.

      Patricia said...

      That rose is is unbelievably beautiful. Problems with my knees prevent me from enjoying gardening.
      I use to spend a lot of time in my gardens. Have no one to help me with them so I had to give them up :0{

      I will just have to visit your blog and create an imaginary garden in my head ;0)

      Heather Stewart McCurdy said...

      Hi there, Heather from blog found you on Make My Morning blog. I'm following you on blog and facebook :) I found this blog really hard to read because of the typeface, but I love the content.

      blessedchick said...

      i love growing flowers and I cant wait to have a house to grow a garden. new follower from the make my morning blog hop. would lvoe the follow back