Monday, February 13, 2012

In My Garden I Go Crazy For Rose's!

        Hello friends, I love Rose's, I don't know if you knew that or not, but I do. Their not as hard to grow as some people think and once their established not much trouble at all.
        I'm going to start with the basic's so if you already know all about planting and taking care of Rose's you can just skip this post (I have asked you to what you want/need to know to just ask).
   When to plant your rose's

        When to plant roses depends on the planting method. Barefoot roses can be planted any time providing the soil is not frozen. In the south a good to plant roses is between January and February. In states or regions where below zero temperature last for months on end, The best time to plant roses is in the early part of spring or the early part of fall. If the roses are in a container, you can plant roses at just about any time. The same rules still applies though, the ground should not be frozen.
       Never plant roses to close to the first frost, they need time to get establish.
       Spring is almost always the better choice for putting bare root roses in the ground. I wouldn't suggest starting with bare roots I  feel like their more fragile but it's up to you.
        During the spring months it is easy for the roses fast without the fear of frost or high heat. Spring time also allows the roses to get their barrings and take root.
         In extremely hot weather be sure to saturate the roots thoroughly. The roots will need to be water frequently as the extreme hot tends to evaporate moisture rather quickly. The ground can get extremely hot and dry. If the roots gets too hot there is a good chance that they will overheat, dry out and wither.

        Where to plant your rose's 
        Rose's need at least 6 to 7 hours of sunlight a day and if their going to be in any shade make it afternoon shade. Roses also need room to grow, so be careful not to over crowd them with other plants.
     How to plant your rose's
        Once you have chosen a spot for your rose bushes, it is time to get the soil ready for them. Begin by digging a hole that is a bit larger than the root system of the rose bush. Add a handful of bone meal into the hole. Bone meal is a source of phosphorous and will help the roots to grow. Also place compost or peat moss into the planting .
       Roses like to be planted in areas where they can enjoy other mixtures of nature. They are friendly and noninvasive and need lots of room to grow.
        That was the hardest part of caring for rose's, they like good dirt, so compost, organic dirt. They also need good fertilizer so if you don't want to make your own (recipe above on tag) you need to ask your local nursery, everyone's dirt is different, and in the hot summer they need to get 5 to 8 gallons of water a week(that's per plant). My mom always gave her roses banana peels, and we both give them Epsom salts in the spring before it rains or you waster them, make's the flowers so beautiful!
      That's it! Easy wasn't it? Part two will be about the different types of rose bushes. Tomorrow is Valentine's day so I got you some rose pictures and candy. Until we meet again......



I never cared much for roses until my daddy gave me 2 doz of montezuma orange ones and I fell in love..I have one climber bush now, but not the montezuma color which is still my favorite.

Loressa Curiouswisdom said...

I spoke too soon:) There is your Google+! Looking forward to following you there! Thanks!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Just realized that I have been missing your garden posts. :0(
Through the years I have planted many! Never have any luck... :0( Always, always get black spots on yellowed leaves and I fed and watered them well. Aphids too. :0(