Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ground Covers (part 2)

     Hello friends so alright I as promised here the second half of ground covers, this one isn't very long cause I don't talk about what I've never used.
    Periwinkles are fast growing, evergreen ground cover plants with opposing pairs of glossy dark green or variegated, oblong to lance shaped, 1"-3" leaves. They produce an abundance of single, 1"-2" funnel shaped flowers with five flared and flattened petals.
   Foam flowers are easy to grow, perennial wildflowers that form 6"-10" tall clumps of heart shaped leaves. They quickly spread to form nice two foot patches of this shade loving ground cover. Tiarella produce wispy plumes of creamy white or pale pink, star shaped flowers.
     Blue Corydalis is a slow growing, evergreen perennial that will eventually form a dense 18" clump of elegant, 12" tall, lace-like green foliage. Eighteen inch spikes of dangling, tubular, sky blue flowers will adorn the plant from late spring until fall l in regions with cool summers.
    Common Aubrieta is a vigorous growing, mat forming ground cover and rock garden plant. It is tolerant of a wide range of conditions, and rewards you with a long lasting cover of delicate flowers in early Spring.

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when I lived in stockton, Calif back in the early 60's we had a grass that was dicondra.?? it looked sort of like clover..grew close to the grown, was always green and lush looking..never seen it or heard of it since..but I loved it.