Friday, February 24, 2012

What the Flowers Have to Say!


      Hello friends, I know I'm suppose to be writing about ground
cover(part 2) But this was calling to me and I couldn't resist. Everyone knows that Flowers and Colors have meaning. These are some of the ones I've done research on and have planted.
 Bittersweet Vine-Truth
    Bittersweet plants grow as vines and provide hardy, attractive plants. If you want your bittersweet plants to pollinate, you must plant male and females versions of bittersweet near each other. 
    Both male and female plants will bloom, but only the female plant produces fruit. It prefers full sun, but there are a few varieties that can flourish as a deep undergrowth on a forest floor.
Chrysanthemums White-Truth
      Hardy mums are easy to grow. They prefer full sun and a rich, well-draining soil. 
     Chrysanthemums are shallow rooted. So, keep them well watered near the surface. Apply a multipurpose fertilizer once a month.
     Pinch back the growth to promote a bushy appearance. In late summer, allow the growth to develop. These blooms will shine in your garden long after your other plants have succumbed to frost.
       Heliotrope is tropical plant, aptly named as its leaves and flowers turn toward the sun, following it throughout the course of the day readjusting towards the east in the evening to be ready for the sunrise. 
   The beautiful, deep purple, brilliant blue or white colored clusters of flowers appear in the spring lasting until fall. 
   Their delicious fragrance has been compared to apple pie and vanilla. Growing to heights of 12 to 36 inches, this plant works well in window boxes, containers and garden borders.
    Make sure that the soil is fertilized twice a year in spring and then again in fall. The soil should always be moist, and in summer it will not hurt it to have the soil completely soaking wet. 
   Glads go from planting to flowering in 65 to 100 days, depending on variety and locality. Begin planting in the spring as soon as the leaves on the trees start to appear.
 Almond Tree-blossoms-Hope
      The almond tree  is native to the Middle East and South Asia. In the United States, it is most commonly found in California, but can be grown almost anywhere.
   Did you know cattails represent PEACE? Me neither  til a few years ago. I don't know why I love cattails but I always have! They are aggressive so pick off there heads to control them-and dry them and use them in a flower arrangement! 

Aster Plants-Love
    Taking care of Aster is basically like taking care of your Mum, plenty of sunshine, fertilizer couple times in the growing season. If you live where it's really cold give them some leaves for a blanket over the winter.



how of the few things I miss about living in Calif was the variety of plants I could have and they would survive. Glads are one of my favorite for beauty.

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