Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In My Garden Roses part2

      Hello friends, yesterday I blogged about roses today I giving you the second part. There are hundreds of different kinds of roses, these are my favorite, honestly wild roses are my absolute favorite, they bring memories back to me. Hope you enjoy the pictures.   
     Wild roses are roses that have naturalized in many parts of the world Wild roses tend to have simpler bloom forms than modern roses and are very hardy in their native climates.

       Hybrid Tea roses are the long stemmed, full flowered type of rose considered "classic" in modern landscaping. Hybrid tea rose bushes grow from 3 to 6 feet high and have an upright, vase-like form. These rose bushes are popular as focal point plants in the landscape. The long stemmed bloomsof hybrid tea roses are also perfect for bouquets.
         Floribunda roses are bushy plants that continue to produce blooms all season long. These 2 to 5 foot, shrubby rose bushes are perfect for hedges and mass plantings. Floribunda rose bushes tend to be hardier than hybrid tea roses in most zones.
         Grandiflora roses form large bushes that are generally over 5 feet tall. Grandilfora rose bushes produce single blooms and have similar growth habits to hybrid tea roses.
     Shrub roses come in many forms and colors. These rose bushes tend to be smaller, growing 2 to 3 feet and are perfect for landscaping singly or in mass. Smaller varieties can even be used as a flowering ground cover
         Climbing rose bushes have long canes. These long stems can be trained to grow on upright supports like trellises arbors or walls. Climbing roses tend to have large single blooms that are formed like hybrid tea roses.
       I hope you like my rose article, this last are some extra pictures I have that I didn't want to just delete. Until we meet again.......


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my dad had the most beautiful climbing rose bushes...they were his pride and joy..well, that and his fig trees..