Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Garden Planning, it's time to start.

    I know, I know you think it's to soon to start thinking about your gardens now. For those of you across the sea I realize your enjoying the warmth of summer, but your fall will be here before you know it and here in the states where I live it's cold outside, but spring will be here soon too. And planning takes time especially if this is your first garden. Start small you can always add on later. For those whom fall is around the corner you need to be thinking about what kinds of flower bulbs you would like to plant and there are some seeds that need to go though the cold winter in order to come up next spring. Not only bulbs are planted in the fall, for instance, Peony's roots should be planted in the fall since they need the cold of winter to come up in spring.

   It seems early for us that are in the throws of winter, but seed catalogs come out the first of February and then if your planing on ordering seeds it can take up to three weeks to arrive, and I'm assuming you'll start your seeds indoors like I do, that takes time also. Its easy to do and I'll share my secrets with you later.

   Blooming Blubs is a great place to get your bulbs. Not only bulbs though they have almost everything you need, including Christmas tree's. If you click the ad on the left you can get a catalog and a 10% discount on your order. Not a bad deal!

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every year I try to do something different and every year Texas heat kills them..but the tulips are so beautiful.