Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gardening Time! New Seeds to Plant!

       Yes my friends I know it may seem early to start thinking about this but I always start my seeds by mid February. Here in Indiana it's usually warm enough to plant them by the end of March and even if it's not by mid April it always is. Now there are all kinds of fancy trays you can buy, and even specialized dirt. I'm sorry I don't use any of that stuff.

        There's a couple of reasons I don't use anything fancy, one I'm cheap, and two I've never had the room for trays. I wish I had a greenhouse but alas I don't. So I have always used Styrofoam cups, again for two reasons, their cheep and the plants can grow larger in them, its also really easy to transplant them out of the cups since you can tear the cups and not harm the roots.

         I start almost all my annuals from seeds. Even the  one's they say have to be directly planted in the ground, like Morning Glory's ( and yes I know Morning Glory's can spread like crazy, but I don't care I love them). I start some of my veggie's in cups too, like pumpkin vines, water melons, I feel like it gives them an advantage.

          As for soil I use potting soil, I've even used the generic brands  from my local dollar store. I usually start by putting any hard shelled seeds in water, like Morning Glory's, so by the time  that I get some of the other seeds planted their ready to go. I put two to three seeds in each cup just in case one is bad. The only flower seeds I never do in cups are marigolds, they grow so fast anyway. Plant the seeds to the same depth as the flower packet says to.  Speaking of Marigolds plant them near your tomatoes, helps keep the bugs a way from them.

           What type of flower beds do you like? Neat and In order?  English cottage style, let me know. I like mine really full and crowded, not so crowded that they can't breathe or grow but crowded enough so that it's hard for the weeds to grow! Besides I think it looks more natural, that's just my opinion of course you can do what you like, what makes your heart sing.

            I hope this helps you to get started  and make you excited that Spring is almost here! Until next time we see each other.........


FoxyMoron said...

What a clever idea to germinate them in foam cups, I am definitely going to do that this year. Of course we're well into our Summer here but I'm looking forward to planting some Autumn vegies and my beloved coriander.
I have no confidence in the garden whatsoever, I need to experiment more and learn from people who know more than I do (like you!)
I just love my garden wherever we live.


I didn't know to do that..hmm..already learning stuff here..
I got some basil, chives, cilantro, mixed greens, mixed lettuce and some flower seeds...may start them inside too..but it's along time before we can not expect a deep freeze.